Don't play the way they want you to.

You take over the life of a high schooler, fused with magic power. The magic world is running out of essence causing life to lose its emergent properties. The student must grow their power by developing relationships and experiences with the opposite sex.

In other words, he has to talk to girls.


High school dating sim by day. Magic combat RPG by night.

Go to school during the day and develop relationships with any classmates you talk to. Try and get them to go out with you, become best friends, become enemies, or a combination of both, depending on your choices and actions. All conversation is skill based so any date-able character may choose to accept, reject, pursue, or despise the player based on these options.

Every choice has an impact on your relationship with the person you talk and interact with, but the depth and number of conversations allow for any relationship dynamic to be significantly altered, reversed, or multiplied. This means you can dump girls after you start dating them and also persuade girls to date you after having been rejected by them (which is incredibly difficult).

The Electra engine writing tool is included which allows users to edit, add, or create their own conversations and characters into the game.


Simple formulas to drive complex characters.

Create characters that have unique personality traits. Then launch the conversation editor, the heart of the Electra system.

The conversation editor uses a 3D flow chart structure to organize player options and the character's responses into many levels of choice and meaningful dynamic selection by both the player and the ai.

The ai uses their relationship with the player, personality, and multidimensional choice of the player to decide between many response options.

This tool empowers creators to write and simulate all possible interactions and outcomes they are interested in with each character the player can talk to.

A calculator window shows the formula used in the ai's decision process and what response they would choose given the player options chosen, and a text messaging output shows the end result making testing and reading the conversation natural and easy.


VR Arena and Living Room RPG

Everyone creates a hero character on their phone which connects to a shared game and cinematic experience led by a pilot player via VR mocap and controls or phone or tablet.

Heroes track levels and items through account system, allowing for progression across many quests.

All players use combination of game tools and suggestions and their own improvisation to find their adventure and overcome dangers.

Downloading FTE Patcher